Bernie Sanders released a folk album

Bernie Sanders released a folk album October 20, 2015

I am not making this up:

"Something is wrong when a Catholic writer gets obese."

In case you missed them….
"Frank Walker (Canon212) is Catholic. Mark Shea is not. That's all you need to know."

In case you missed them….
"Patheos and Mark Shea are no more catholic than any other religion, in fact any ..."

In case you missed them….
"Lol , says the modernist paperback theologian par exellance."

In case you missed them….

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  • Sammy Winchester

    I realize post this isn’t political commentary, but I was wondering if you had an overall opinion on Sanders as a presidential candidate. On here you tend to be vocally critical of conservative politics – many of which I think is valid – but at the same time, when the Church lays out 5 non-negotiables – democrats support all of them and republicans reject all of them – how are we supposed to vote either side in good-conscience if your criticisms are valid?

    • maddoxhightower

      It was Catholic Answers, not the Church, who laid out the “5 non-negotiables”.

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      Mark doesn’t vote for candidates he can’t support in good conscience.

      Go back thru the decade plus history of this blog’s posts about voting. Thought provoking at the very least.

    • chezami
    • chezami

      PS. The Church does not lay out five non-negotiables. Catholic Answers does and it became a kind of urban legend that the Church did this. It was a well-meaning attempt to get people to focus on some crucial issues. Unfortunately, the real world effect has been to create in the minds of millions of conservative Catholics a peculiar habit of thinking that “negotiable” means “do whatever you like and pay no attention to the clear teaching of the Church” and this has led, in turn, to conservative Catholics actually devoting huge amounts of energy to fighting with the Church on everything from just war to torture to the death penalty to the environment to the poor while using the unborn as human shields for their hostility to the Magisterium and the pope and their fealty to American Movement Conservatism. What we need to do is recover a holistic vision of Catholic social teaching and stop using the Five Non-Negotiables (and only a very selective reading of these) as weapon against the rest of the Church’s guidance.

      • Sammy Winchester

        Wow, I feel like a complete idiot for thinking that the non-negotiables were laid out by the Church. Somehow it seems I absolutely fell for that being a Church-issued thing and I’m embarrassed. In regards to other stuff, I agree completely that you have “conservative” Catholics who end up going against the Church in the name of American conservatism and I think those Catholics need to stop where they are when it comes to those issues. However, I am assuming that you know just as well as I do the platforms of the Democratic Party – how can we possibly vote for them when you have things like abortion-on-demand and same-sex marriage as the platforms of the party? I would say many if not most of the democrats that I encounter are *very hostile* to the Church’s teaching on sexuality – many of them are blatantly hateful about it. Honestly right now, I can’t vote for either side in good conscience. But I also feel like I have a duty to vote.

  • Well, it’s interesting how the Pro-Life movement gets disdainfully used by politicians who claim to be anti-abortion and counter sexual revolutionaries, yet keeps on getting stiffed, and that in more graphic and explicit ways by said politicians. Definition of insanity, keep on doing the same thing over and again, expecting different results every time.. One Party has the virtue of telling us they completely support the status quo of Roe v. Wade, the other hypocritically bulls**ts us, telling us they’ll give us the court to overturn it. But they never will. So, the whole 5 non negotiable thing – which I guess implies that the good Catholic must vote Republican – is really in our political circumstances a mess of bullocks.

    If John McCain and that horrid woman from Alaska were in office now we would be engaged in an escalating confrontation with Russia attempting to enforce a “no fly zone” that could end up catalyzing WW III. Mitt would have us attack Iran without direct provocation (just war theory anyone? Bueller? Bueller?) another scenario that might very well lead to Armageddon. The policies of the Bushes in Iraq have led us to the brink of potential Apocalypse, and all we need is another boneheaded lunatic to drive us into the middle of situations that have no direct pertinence to the United States, and that can only become worse, more enflamed by our meddling.

    That’s not to mention how in 1980 it was actually possible to work your way through college without accumulating debt. How in 1970 it was still possible to work one blue collar job with a high school degree and earn a living wage, and how the Federal Debt (which is mostly owned by US citizens and institutions, follow the interest, qui bono??) began to explode under your laissez faire trickle down maniacs – well..

    I say that neither party will do anything to abate the abortion holocaust on the Federal level, and that Bernie is – apart from his advocacy of the sexual revolution, which now seems to me not to be at all a political, but rather first a spiritual and cultural problem (when the issue is women killing their own children the law is not the primary problem we’re facing)- a refreshing throwback to the likes of FDR and William Jennings Bryan, the very people who created the firewalls against plutocracy and cartel oligarchy, the very people who designed social security and the 40 hour work week (etc.) – Politics is in its essence pragmatic, the art of achieving the possible. It requires compromise, and it is not religion. We treat it like religion, and we fail to get results. Idiocy.

    Catholic Answers with their “non negotiable” can go jump in a lake, is what I’m saying. Is Karl Keating going to pay my kids’ mortgage sized student loans? Didn’t think so. What good are you Karl? Political purity tests, with never any concrete results, while the people who promise to help us send us into needless wars and coddle rapacious bankers?? Please. Catholic Answers my *ss.