Some Synod Sanity from Sean Salai, SJ Seems Sensible

Some Synod Sanity from Sean Salai, SJ Seems Sensible October 23, 2015

Sean Salai, SJ, writes:

Thought you might appreciate this interview between our Rome correspondent and Cardinal Wuerl on the synod conspiracy theorists like Ross Douthat, whose accusations the cardinal says have “no basis in reality.”

Cardinal Donald Wuerl has flatly denied the allegations by some of his fellow cardinals and bishops that the fathers attending the synod are “somehow” being manipulated by the pope

I also hope my interview today with Jesuit church historian John O’Malley will help bring a little sanity and common sense to Catholics being plagued with anxiety by the synodal scandal mongers.

I have managed to completely avoid bothering with the synod and am now in Scotland, where it becomes remarkably easy to focus on real things and people and not care about the internet hyperventilations of people who pretty much hyperventilate for a living. I am a bit disappointed that the normally sensible Ross Douthat has fallen into the “papal plot” mode of journalism and hope that he will make a full recovery.

Meanwhile, Glasgow and environs is beautiful!

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