Thinking about Thanking

Thinking about Thanking October 16, 2015

"The indigenous that my kid hangs out with in the sweat lodge don't have a ..."

Where Peter Is has a nice ..."
"What you don't know is that my weakness is reading about this stuff (too much). ..."

Where Peter Is has a nice ..."
"It seems Mark made clear the type of dissenting Catholics he was discussing (that type ..."

Where Peter Is has a nice ..."
"Huh? You "heard" priests got spat on so that means asserting Junipero Serra abused Native ..."

Where Peter Is has a nice ..."

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  • johnnysc

    Looking forward to listening to this particular show. . The show in general is excellent but I especially enjoy when go solo with your commentary on Scripture and the Catholic Faith. I just listened to the 10/7 show with your insight on how Jesus asks questions in order to reveal himself to us through our answers I immediately thought of Adam in the Garden when God asked him ‘where are you?’ God certainly knew where Adam was.

    But the guest shows are good too. The one with Robert George and Rod Bennett was outstanding.