Your life does not belong to you

Your life does not belong to you October 17, 2015

Bp. Robert Barron on the fact that you are not your own: you were bought with a price.

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  • Nathaniel

    Actually, my life does belong to me. God showed up and told me so itself. It told me that my life only belongs to me, and that I should ignore any attempts the religious to tell me otherwise, because they are power hungry people just trying to control me.

    • K. Lundquist

      Spoken like a true soldier in “the war of all against all”.

    • PalaceGuard

      Beware. For when you gaze long into your navel, your navel gazes into you.

  • Captain_America

    Your life belongs to the atheistic secular “humanists” who know, infallibly, what is best for every one (else) in the world, especially when it comes time for you to die in the name of Compassion, Rights, and (most surely, their) Convenience.

  • Alma Peregrina

    This is something I don’t understand at all.

    My life doesn’t belong to me, because it belongs to God, because I was bought with a price, because He died for me, because I deserved to die, because I am a sinner, because I have Original Sin, because God created me with it, without I ever asking Him to.

    It looks like a very cunvoluted way of saying that God created me to be a slave. It would be much simpler if God simply said: “Your life doesn’t belong to you, because I created you, so your life belongs to me”.

    It just looks like a great divine scam.

    • Tweck

      “because God created me with it, without I ever asking Him to.”

      God created humanity without original sin. Blame your distant ancestors, not God. 🙂

      I generally go with your simpler explanation.

      I’ll add: I don’t own my body, it’s on loan, and I’m here to love God and do His will. I do not belong to me.

      I belong to God, and I express that by giving myself in service of others.
      All other people are children of God, and so deserve my unconditional love.

      • Alma Peregrina

        Blame my distant ancestors? Why? Why is anything they did of concern to me?

        Let them atone for their sins and leave me alone!

        And why doesn’t this apply to Mary? She had the same ancestors I did, but she was born blameless!

        As for the loan, thanks, but I didn’t ask for it. The interest rates are too high.

        • Tweck

          Well the first thing… I don’t know, but I look at it as being connected through the yawning chasm of time to my earliest ancestors… We all share the same DNA. But Baptism does away with original sin I think, so we’re not technically bound by that anymore. 🙂

          Hey, I didn’t ask for it either, but I’m grateful I got created, otherwise there’d be no me! Interest rates! Lol ha ha 🙂

          Well Mary was on schedule to be the Mother of God, so she was born “full of grace.” It was a necessary consideration for the Incarnation. She is also God’s greatest created creature… but also had to endure a great deal of hardship and suffering.

          Hey, I’m new, I just got here, ha ha :p 🙂 so… Search out Scott Hahn or Robert Barron on YouTube for answers to these and life’s other great mysteries, that’s my suggestion!

          *mind hugs!!!*

          • Alma Peregrina

            Listen, I know all the theology behind the inheritance of Original Sin and why Mary’s Immaculate Conception was “fitting”.

            That’s not the point. The point is that Mary was conceived without sin, so that inheritance is not “mandatory”. Therefore, it becomes unjust that someone has to pay for such a condition.

            As for Baptism doing away with Original Sin, well, we still have to deal with the *effects* of it. Which, on practical terms, is exactly the same thing. Prime example of having a cake and eating it too.

            But I’ll not discuss this further with you. You’re still a newbie, still excited about everything, and I don’t want to make you lose your faith. I just ask God not to push you where you can’t say “I didn’t ask for it either, but I’m grateful I got created” anymore.

            • Tweck

              Sorry Alma, I didn’t mean to be upsetting or annoying… I’m still learning the whole “stop blabbling on foolishly,” thing.

              • Alma Peregrina

                No need to be sorry, Tweck. I appreciate what you tried to do. And you didn’t upset nor annoy me.

                In fact, all that “stop blabbling on foolishly” sin of yours is, for me, quite satisfying, for it reminds me of better days.

                But my questions won’t be answered very simply. And, even though the majority of people you’ll find on the Internet are theologically illiterate (and Barron and Hahn are solid good suggestions), you’ll need to learn that you’ll find people whose interaction is not as easy as a mere intelectual debate. When a person comes to you and asks “Why did God do this to me?”, you’ll not find the answer to that person in any book or youtube vídeo (at least, that I’m aware of).

  • In my case, that’s also true in an earthly sense. It is kind of weird when you contemplate it.