I never heard of this awesome engineering feat before

I never heard of this awesome engineering feat before November 5, 2015

Extremely cool!

And, of course, a testament to the failure of Euroweenie socialism. We Americans would do the same with with dedicated bands of libertarians working on Saturday mornings. Government should be small enough to drown in a bathtub.

"TL;DR:Pope Francis Says: "Don't Feed the Trolls!"Prophetic indeed."

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  • Dave G.

    I think it’s enough to notice that we Americans, as things currently are, no longer wow the world with much of anything.

    • FrogLeg

      Except with twerking. We will always have twerking.

    • Stu

      I’m not going to totally disagree BUT I will point out that during my last tour on Active Duty I was at a NATO command here in the states and the overwhelming majority of visiting personnel really thought much of the States. We still have a lot going for us.

      • Dave G.

        I have a friend from Nigeria who told me the thing that impressed him more than anything in the US was our trains. He said they were huge! At least compared to what he was used to. But that, like so many other things I’ve been told are impressive, are quite old.

      • kenofken

        I suspect they’re probably more enamored of our legend than our present-day reality. There is a lot about our raw capabilities to be impressed about. At the same time, I think if you asked a poor or even middle-class Dane or Swede to switch places with their American counterpart and got down into the nitty gritty of what that meant, you’d find damn few takers.

        • Stu

          I don’t think so. They they know what they are talking about. They end up living here for 3-4 years on their tour of duty and many come back or even stay.

    • Joe

      Apparently, infrastructure isn’t sexy enough for our politicians.


      • Dave G.

        If I only thought it was the politicians, I wouldn’t be nearly as bothered.

        • Pete the Greek

          In our area, we pay taxes to keep up roads and the like. Somehow…. the money keeps, vanishing…. into someplace else. Then we have to raise taxes again, etc.

          I’d love for the roads to be repaired around here. As it is, we’ve paid enough to have the damned things plated in sterling silver. Best we get are a few sheets of steel.

  • Bob

    I know you’re using it with tongue planted firmly in cheek, but that “drown in a bathtub” metaphor is just the worst. Who came up with that? Norquist? What would one drown in a bathtub anyway? A cat? A child?

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Because I am a nerd, my very first thought at seeing that bridge was: “How cool would it be to see Godzilla crash through that thing?”

  • Cypressclimber

    Europe has had lots of money to build things since 1945, because why, class? Can anyone think of any major expenditure the countries of Europe didn’t face, but the United States did? Class?

  • Pete the Greek

    All that money wasted on a bridge. That could have bought tons of RPGs for Syrian rebels or missile parts for Israel.

    While not a Libertarian, I would point out that they would answer: Yes, there would be a bridge built, if there was actual demand for it. They would also say that they would have plenty of money to cover the cost too, what with not blowing pornographic amounts of money on maintaining a welfare/warfare global empire.

  • Nate Winchester

    A government small enough to drown is one unable to threaten the Church or Christians.

    In fact, considering how atheistic European countries are (particularly Denmark & Sweeden), the entire post could be tweaked to be anti-religious as anti-libertarian. But then Shea hoisting the Church upon his own petards is the most entertaining feature of the blog.

    • kenofken

      The governments in northern Iraq and northeastern Nigeria are both small enough to drown in a thimble. Nary an atheist bureaucrat nor liberal judge in sight, and yet the Christian population in these areas always seems to have case of the gripes these days. I’m thinking they just need a bigger tax cut and less onerous environmental regulations.

      • Nate Winchester

        And how are the Christians in China or North Korea doing these days? Last I checked, Nigeria & Iraq haven’t even hit the USSR’s old high score.

        Though that’s just the obvious death threats, how’s Christianity in Denmark? Sweden? Practically non-existent? Well who cares about the state of their souls, they have a BRIDGE!

        You mock the threat of the atheist bureaucrat and liberal judge yet who did the Boss warn about most? Ones who threaten your life or ones who lead you astray?

  • Mark R

    The bridge will actually be user-financed. Tax payers have not footed the bill for it. It was built with government loans