Jeb Bush, the brother of the man who launched a catastrophic preventive war

Jeb Bush, the brother of the man who launched a catastrophic preventive war November 10, 2015

…(known in technical theological terms as an “unjust war” or, more simply, as “murder”) announces that hell yeah, he’d go back in time and kill baby Hitler.

Jeb has just told every pro-abort in the world that killing unborn children in socio-economic strata at high risk for crime and violence is freaking awesome.

Here’s the deal: You shall not do evil that good may come of it. Killing babies is evil. Period. End of story. Fantasizing about killing babies because you are pretty sure they will grow up to do evil is evil and is a preparation of the soul for mortal sin. Telling a culture drunk on the blood of babies and already rationalizing the slaughter with slogans like “more abortion, less crime” is tying a millstone around your neck, Mr. Bush. Shut up, retract it, and drop out of the race. Your campaign is a disaster and you are not fit to be President.

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  • There was a movie that came out in the mid-80s in the SU called Idi i Smotri – Come and See – in which a teenager in Belorussia joins the partisans for adventure and finds himself in middle of a most horrible atrocity and the hell of partisan warfare.

    At the end he begins to fantasize about killing Hitler, whose image regresses until Hitler is a young child, and the protagonist rejects the fantasy of killing him.

    I saw a screening on the outskirts of Minsk.

    • etme

      Great movie, saw it in the early 90s.

  • wlinden

    I would go after Freud, myself.

    • Stu

      No. That too would be immoral. However, the guy who came up with the designated hitter is fair game. Pretty sure the Catechism is in agreement on that one as well.

      • Andy

        as it is on the move from real grass to artificial turf.

        • Tom G

          I think we need to all make peace with the fact that sharks with laser beams will be calling balls and strikes within the next 10 years.

          • Andy

            Then who will I yell at?

  • Elmwood

    does anyone really believe that jeb and dubya would have gotten anywhere in political life without the connections of their daddy?

    they’re incompetent rich kids.

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      Who’s incompetent rich kids really believe that?

  • Pete the Greek

    What people who answer the question never seem to think about is that if you have the technical ability to GO BACK IN F***ING TIME AND KILL SOMEONE, then you also have the ability to go back in time and, since you technically have as much time as you need, work on steering said someone in a NON-MURDEROUS direction.

    It is yet another attempt at a stupid ’50 Ninjas’ question.

    • Stu

      It really is a simple question that could be hit out of the park.

      Besides, everyone knows Hitler traveled into the future and is now safely in his Nazi moon base.

    • Jim the Scott

      Why kill Hitler when you can kidnap him and leave him with a nice Jewish Family to be raised to be a nice person?

      Just saying….

      Beside going back in time to kill Hitler is a mistake Time Travel Noobs always make and it always backfires. See New Twilight Zone episode “Cradle of darkness”.

      • Pete the Greek

        Loved that episode

      • Exactly! There are so many ways to derail Hitler’s career. Also:

        • Jim the Scott

          Sometimes when you time travel & kill Hitler he is replaced by someone worst.

          So you get rid of Hitler either by killing or dropping him off somewhere or when were he is harmless.

          Hitler is replaced by Rudolph Gloder, who shares Hitler’s genocidal agenda, but is far more efficient, stable, patient, and charismatic. Free from Hitler’s personality flaws, Gloder was able to take over all of Europe, so that, in the alternate present day, an extremely conservative US is in a cold war with the Nazis.

          • Pete the Greek

            Hari Seldon, call your office.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Hitler is time-locked.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    I love that question, because the very nature of the question reveals that ours is a Culture of Death.

    If you could go back in time, would you kill baby Hitler?

    No, of course not. But if I could go back in time, I would try my utmost to take baby Hitler and find some nice Jewish couple who wants to raise and love a little baby. That would be cosmic justice. Murder is never just. Murder is evil. You can’t use Sauron’s ring without becoming Sauron — or something far worse.

    But really, if you’ve got a time machine, why not go all the way back to Adam and Eve and give them a snake trap? Avoid the whole mess.

  • Jim the Scott

    Consequences aside, morally you cannot kill an innocent (since that is one of the four sins that cries to Heaven for divine vengence) and baby Hitler is an innocent thus you cannot kill him.

  • Andy

    I think we might be taking this a lot more seriously than he was. But yes, it shows a lack of forethought on some pretty basic issues.

  • kenofken

    I don’t think you’ll have to worry about a Jeb Bush presidency. The loon wing of the GOP is fully in charge and they have made any real qualifications for the job or serious policy ideas absolute disqualifiers. The rest of the pack is currently headed by a populist xenophobe (and they have such a peachy pro-life history in the West). The rest of the freak show includes a narcissist who has created such an expansive Walter Mitty holodeck version of his life that he can’t seem to distinguish his own reality from his legend. From there, you have a cast of characters who are almost uniformly in enthusiastic support of the death penalty, pre-emptive war and social Darwinism.

  • Mike@MCA

    How do you know it was a catastrophic war ? Suppose we didn’t re-invade Iraq (as authorized by the protocols of the 1st Gulf War) ? What if a WMD fell to OBL ?

    Ever think what would have happened if we had profiled the 19 hijackers of 9/11 ??