Why is NASA strangling so many people?

Why is NASA strangling so many people? November 9, 2015

What can explain the mysterious vendetta cheesemakers have against sleepy people? What has prompted Nicolas Cage’s killing spree?

These are questions only Michael Flynn or William M. Briggs can answer.

"Yeah, you tell her, Haro-chan."

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  • Andy

    Just because they are spurious does not make them unimportant – after all there is a relationship between preferring to drink wine over spirits and beer and higher IQ. I guess my preference for beer explains my issues.

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      Conversely, perhaps your issues explain your preference for beer.

      • Andy

        That is what my wife and daughter both say – they prefer wine and of course point out the superiority of their IQs. I believe that I enjoy beer because as kid there was a “bar” next door and the owners made their own beer so I got hooked early?

        • Rebecca Fuentes

          A good home brew is hard to pass up, I must say. I’ve got a brother who makes his own beer, and a sister who makes her own wine. We have fun family get-togethers.

          • Andy

            Where we live now is in the “wine country” of NYS – there are so many small wineries and now to my great joy a bunch of micro-breweries. However, the homemade beer is by far the best.

  • iamlucky13

    Hmm…the correlation between arcade revenues and computer science doctorates might not actually be spurious. Not only did many programmers had their interest in computers kindled by video games, but the rise of the video game industry has helped significantly increase the demand for programmers.

    But I definitely agree that improvements in boating safety are causing a drop in marriages in Kentucky.

    I’ve heard others say that driving a Prius makes them want to kill themselves, so the Japanese auto – vehicular suicide correlation is probably causal, too.