The Bus That Fought Back

The Bus That Fought Back December 24, 2015

This story of a busload of Muslims who defended the Christian on board from terrorists is as important a story as United 93, and for the same reason. Also, it is a much happier story.

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  • Dave G.

    It is a happy story. But don’t compare it to United 93, or we’ll forget all about it in no time. Plus, we’ll end up listening to people try to debunk various levels of the courage that they showed. Best to just let it be a good story on its own.

  • LFM

    A good story.

  • Mike Petrik

    Agreed. Great story, and getting some well-deserved pub too!

  • wlinden

    We will just get more excuses for why That Isn’t Good Enough. It’s all taqiyya, I tell you!