The Church of Nice vs. the Church of Mice

The Church of Nice vs. the Church of Mice December 15, 2015

It’s telling to me that in a conflict between a rich pro-abort bigot like Donald Trump and his brownshirts on the question of helping Syrian refugees the bishops of the supposed Church of Nice are showing all kinds of guts.

Meanwhile, the pope  of Church Militant TV and his flock of the Greatest Catholics of All Time are quiet as mice, though quite ready, willing, and able to bash Benedict XVI or Bishop Barron, of all people, in their neverending quest to poison hearts and minds against decent Catholics, secure in the knowledge that decent Catholics will turn the other cheek.

On the bright side, one decent and courageous young man finds freedom.  Please keep him in your prayers.  The cult of personality does not like apostasy.

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  • Michael Voris is, as they say, “not my monkey, not my circus”. I have no comment on him.

    I do have a commnt about bishops and courage. What you link isn’t it but merely doing the normal job of a bishop. Courage would be a bishop exposing his judicial role (he usually runs a diocesan court system) and compare and contrast his religious courts with a reasonable muslim sharia court that limits itself to doing mostly the same sort of thing with the sort of religious courts that muslims run that are actually causing trouble.

    Bishops are religious court subject matter experts and could speak to the real problems with some of these sharia courts and explain in a way that would be compelling and influential. Exposing their judicial role to public scrutiny would be a gutsy move and legitimately courageous. Has any of them done it? I wish they would.

  • Julian Barkin

    Your Benedict Fingerprint link does not work. Editing the post?

  • Elmwood

    yes, preventing all flavors of muslims from entering our country is wrong. but preventing apocalyptic fundamentalist muslims from entering our country is not wrong. unless you think ISIS should be able to freely migrate into our country, or any country for that matter. they *are* muslim you know.

    • chezami


  • AquinasMan

    I read the young man’s piece, and found it quite impressive in the steps he took before finally leaving his internship. It seemed like there was a great deal of humility at work there, and at his age, some serious grace. I finally realized some time ago that CM is nothing but an attack apparatus. Attacking bishops at every step during the current pontificate. And when this pontificate is over (and perhaps we have a much more conservative pope), they’ll just resort to attacking the flock. Here’s a newsflash: One can even be negatively opinionated in a way that is charitable, not malicious. I’m a terrible cynic (God forgive me), but it’s been a long road from being “angry Catholic” to one who wants to heal with the Truth, not destroy others with it.

    What’s additionally shameful, in my opinion, is that there are indeed indefensible decisions being made in very public ways by a number of shepherds. And I can only pray for them, because those individuals risk eternal damnation (JUST LIKE ME, when I commit a serious sin). Because I can’t pick up the phone and say to Cardinal Dolan, “What’s with the pervert priest you did nothing about? I unfriend you!” I’m just a speck in the hurricane. It’s time to use our faith to inform our charity and — always with Truth — be a sign of Christ’s mercy and justice and thirst for souls.

  • Mark Martinson

    Mark , in every Middle Eastern and North African country a majority of Muslims support executing apostates from Islam. Do you support allowing such people into the US? Do you know what Muslims teach about rape and how they approve it?