This is Awesome

This is Awesome December 11, 2015

Stephen Colbert does what he was born to do:

"So you inherently object to Shakespeare's ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA or JULIUS CAESAR or RICHARD III ..."

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"I've not heard the radio drama, but the BBC, in general, seems to have a ..."

Trailer for a new biopic about ..."
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Dear Prolife Suckers
"I'll generally try any new food I see, but I've not had camel so far. ..."

Simcha Fisher Has a Great Idea

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  • Thibaud313

    I was sadenned to hear that Colbert had been kind of a douche by comparing Syrian christian refugees to the KKK. I really hope he apologizes so that I can, once again, appreciate this very fun man.

    • chezami

      He did nothing of the kind.

      • Thibaud313

        All right then ! Apparently I was misled. Maybe I should have, you know, checked it myself.

        Well, I may have borne false witness against my brother. Thankfully it’s Advent, so, that’s one more thing to say at Confession 🙂

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Anyone have Colbert’s contact info? His pronunciation of several names is horrible. This cannot stand.

  • Elmwood

    he is awesome.

  • anna lisa

    Oh my gosh, and I thought I was all dialed into his humor already. God bless Stephen Colbert for finally putting words to my feelings about baseball! I used to question why hefty grown men in tights ran circles around pillows, but really, the greater affront lies in how they get in the way of the more interesting sport of watching the grass grow.