Why is Kelly Thatcher Worth More than a Thousand St. Blog’s Bloviators on Islam?

Why is Kelly Thatcher Worth More than a Thousand St. Blog’s Bloviators on Islam? December 18, 2015

Because she actually knows Muslims and is not just spewing bilge she read on some Muslim-bashing site.

Listening to most of the claptrap about Muslims and Islam from right wing culture war sites is like listening to “analyses” of the Catholic faith from nobody but James White and Jack Chick or some crazed ex-Catholic like Maria Monk.

If you are getting all your information about human beings and your sources literally cannot find one single solitary good thing to say about them, then you can take it to the bank that you are lying to yourself.  If you don’t actually try to get to know any of the people you casually dismiss as liars and mass murderers–all 1.6 billion of them–you are lying to everybody around you.

Only the person who has first been able to see what is right and good in a people is qualified to talk about the problems that are present too.

And don’t start with the ‘We do too worship two different Gods!”

The creed does not say, “I believe in two Gods, the Father the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and in that other God the Muslims worship.”  There’s just one God.  The dumbest thing Catholics can do is ignore Nostra Aetate and CCC 841 and embrace polytheism in order to cram Catholic teaching into fitting the Talking Points of Movement Conservatism. Muslims worship the God of Abraham, albeit with a radically defecting understanding of.  We worship the same God and have the benefits of the Christian revelation so that we may know him more fully and participate in the divine life through his Incarnate Son, Jesus.

But Muslims deny the Trinity!  Yes.  So do Jews.  You wanna tell me they don’t worship the God of Abraham?  Good luck with that.

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  • Dave G.

    The funniest thing I’ve seen in this blog’s development is the tendency to pain in broad brushstrokes in order to attack those who paint in broad brushstrokes. FWIW, the Orthodox fellow I’ve gotten to know – Syrian no less – has convinced me that, in the words of Weird Al, everything we know is wrong. His perspective and the perspectives I see in posts like this or on our media outlets (FOX, CNN or any other) are about as hell and gone from each other as you can get. And since he grew up there and lived there, and since his view seems to match the viewpoints of individuals interviewed when organizations like the NYT or CNN bother to actually interview non-Muslims in the region, I’m inclined to listen to him.

    • antigon

      Just in passing, Mark, might it not be worthwhile to apply the principles you herein outline to the many millions who like what they see as Trump’s anti-establishment voice (whether or not it really is, any more than the Koran is the revelation of Allah), instead of, comparable to the Moslem bashers, but dismissing them as but mouth-breathing bigots?

      • chezami

        Trump’s attraction is that he gives mouth-breathing bigots and bullies moral permission to express their Id, up to and including beating up homeless people and and giving pounding to black people while calling out “Sieg Heil!” and threating to set them on fire. I’m not going to sugar coat this. The man is a demagogue and his mob of followers are poison. He does not give a shit about the unborn and neither do they. They love him because he affirms the hatred they long to give vent to. And he is the *leader* of the “Party of Life” and the “Party of God”. He is a judgment on the utter failure of the Lesser of Two Evils Strategy of the anti-abortion-but-not-prolife movement that has rejected the full teaching of the Church and instead created a parody gospel of “abortion vs. all the liberal crap that Francis talks about”.

        • antigon

          Ok but, save for your last sentence & some adjusting of pronouns, had your paragraph begun with ‘Islam’ instead of ‘Trump,’ could’ve been written by Pamela Geller. Had it been, would you but praise her insight, or with spirited prose suggest the picture she paints is wanting a certain fullness of grasp?

          • Islamic Hitler supporters vastly outnumber Trump Hitler supporters. Mein Kampf does its best sales numbers (yes, people track this) in muslim lands.

            I don’t like Trump for President. I don’t like devaluing terms like fascist and nazi either. I really don’t like being forced to stand up for a guy who I think is temperamentally unsuited to be President in order to preserve the potency of these important terms when accurately used to describe actual fascists and nazis.

            You picked a nice approach to the topic. Kudos to you.

        • Sue Korlan

          He is most definitely NOT the leader of the party of life and the party of God. He certainly doesn’t have majority support in the party he’s running in and most of those who don’t actively support him whole heartedly oppose him. There’s no way he will be able to get the nomination.

  • LFM

    What I fear is not Muslims individually, nor even Islam at its best, but the very dynamic and simultaneously rigid variety of Islam that has been propagated by Saudi Arabia and spread throughout the Muslim world over the last 25 years. I am not speaking of terrorism as such, but of the movement’s revival of niqabs and burkas, its rejection of music and art. And those are merely its more innocent manifestations. There is also its support for sharia law, cousin marriage, forcible marriage, and polygyny (as I’ve said before). Not all of these are strictly Islamic in that they are not necessarily supported by the Koran, yet they are present within the modern Islamic revival. Some of them, like sharia law and polygyny, *are* in fact supported by the Koran.

    I’ve lived in Muslim countries, or to be precise Muslim neighborhoods, known many Muslims and been friends with a number of them. Nigerian Muslims, among whom I lived briefly in the late 1970s, were relaxed and jovial in the practise of their faith, even when devout. If anyone then had told my teenaged self that some of them would, within my lifetime, demand that their women adopt a form of “purdah” and deny the value of education (let alone that a minority, however tiny, would take up terrorism in the name of their faith), I do not think I would have believed him.

  • Mark Martinson

    Sure there many decent Muslims. The problem is that they embrace a religion which is evil and thus if you get a large enough number of Muslims in one area, all the evil in the religion will come to the fore. I have friends who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and they have nothing positive to say about Islam. As David French (who served in Iraq) pointed out that more pious a Muslim area, the more women and children were sexually abused and the more corrupt the area was.

  • MT

    A big thing I think many people don’t understand is Islam’s intellectual background.

    In Islam, God’s will is superior to his intellect, so things happen primarily because God wills it, not because God has a rational reason to do. What follows is the idea God can will contradictions, because will is above reason! So you can have Muslims that say “kill all infidels” and some that say “let’s be peaceful” with both being perfectly acceptable interpretations of Islam.

  • So, is the genetic fallacy ok when it comes to “anti-islamic”sources? It’s starting to get confusing what your actual beliefs are.

    As for “we worship different Gods” every variant I’ve seen from our side says that the Islamic tie to Abraham is a red herring and they are actually worshipping someone else. I’ve never seen somebody go polytheist in the way you describe. Personally, I don’t have the knowledge to quickly form my own opinion and I don’t care enough about the issue to dig deep enough to resolve the question. I trust the Church’s scholars who say the mutual tie to Abraham is legitimate and unless I need more for a particular situation, that’s good enough. Yet still, could you give an url to the christians going polytheist in order to separate from the muslims? That’s a brand new type of apostasy for me. I’d be interested to see it in the wild.