Why is Kelly Thatcher Worth More than a Thousand St. Blog’s Bloviators on Islam?

Why is Kelly Thatcher Worth More than a Thousand St. Blog’s Bloviators on Islam? December 18, 2015

Because she actually knows Muslims and is not just spewing bilge she read on some Muslim-bashing site.

Listening to most of the claptrap about Muslims and Islam from right wing culture war sites is like listening to “analyses” of the Catholic faith from nobody but James White and Jack Chick or some crazed ex-Catholic like Maria Monk.

If you are getting all your information about human beings and your sources literally cannot find one single solitary good thing to say about them, then you can take it to the bank that you are lying to yourself.  If you don’t actually try to get to know any of the people you casually dismiss as liars and mass murderers–all 1.6 billion of them–you are lying to everybody around you.

Only the person who has first been able to see what is right and good in a people is qualified to talk about the problems that are present too.

And don’t start with the ‘We do too worship two different Gods!”

The creed does not say, “I believe in two Gods, the Father the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and in that other God the Muslims worship.”  There’s just one God.  The dumbest thing Catholics can do is ignore Nostra Aetate and CCC 841 and embrace polytheism in order to cram Catholic teaching into fitting the Talking Points of Movement Conservatism. Muslims worship the God of Abraham, albeit with a radically defecting understanding of.  We worship the same God and have the benefits of the Christian revelation so that we may know him more fully and participate in the divine life through his Incarnate Son, Jesus.

But Muslims deny the Trinity!  Yes.  So do Jews.  You wanna tell me they don’t worship the God of Abraham?  Good luck with that.

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