Brownback GOP, Having Wrecked Kansas…

Brownback GOP, Having Wrecked Kansas… May 17, 2016

now set about inflicting punishment on the mentally ill.  Sure it’s a disaster in reality, but it works in GOP theory!

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  • Andy

    Ah – Step therapy is in place for the drugs listed below. Step Therapy is the practice of beginning drug therapy for a medical condition with the most cost-effective and safest drug and progressing to other more costly or risky therapy, only if necessary (i.e., you must try drug “A” before you can get drug “B”). The goal is to control costs and minimize risks. Step Therapy put my wife in the hospital when my employer switched insurance providers and the medication she was on was considered a tier three medication. The doctors, plural who treated her, were pretty clear – starting with the cheapest and not examining the underlying problem leads to larger problems. But as the definition points out cost-effectiveness and controlling costs are paramount. Death panels exist and they are insurance companies.