Chris Lansdown is thinking…

Chris Lansdown is thinking… May 11, 2016

…about beetles and God.

An Anglican priest once asked atheist JBS Haldane what we could know about God by looking at nature. Haldane replied, “He appears to have an inordinate fascination with beetles.”

Haldane’s reply, of course, depended his somehow knowing what an ordinate fascination with beetles would be and assuming that mere numbers were the way to determine that.

Revelation tell us that God loves all that he has made. So he does indeed have a fascination with beetles–and quasars, uvulas, that grain of sand currently orbiting Alpha Centauri, and the stick insect just hatching my backyard. But that says nothing about their relative importance compared to man and woman, made in his image and likeness, any more than the rarity of the crown jewels implies they are of less worth than the millions of grass blades I will mow tomorrow.

The only way to know that is for God to tell us what matters to him most himself. That is why supernatural revelation is necessary. Natural revelation will only get you so far.

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  • 3vil5triker .

    The problem with supernatural revelation is that there is no way for us to authenticate it or to distinguish it from a delusion. The sheer number of conflicting religions and denominations is a testament to that.

    Besides, isn’t you entire religion premised on the exact opposite? That is, that instead of basing it on divine revelations nobody can corroborate, the idea is that God himself came down to Earth and took a corporeal form? That he walked, talked, ate, drank, partied and suffered along people from all walks of life? That he arranged for there to be written accounts of his time on Earth to serve as guidance for his followers and all of humanity?

    On that last account, I’d say we’re long overdue for an update. Or was that whole interacting with humanity thing a one-time deal?