Today’s “Connecting the Dots” Bonanza!

Today’s “Connecting the Dots” Bonanza! June 25, 2016

Matt Swaim!

Marcus Daly on death and dying!

Steve Greydanus on Brexit, John the Baptist, Jaws and ET!

"To be fair -- an enduring romance and a World War probably give a good ..."

Trailer for a new biopic about ..."
"So you inherently object to Shakespeare's ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA or JULIUS CAESAR or RICHARD III ..."

Trailer for a new biopic about ..."
"I've not heard the radio drama, but the BBC, in general, seems to have a ..."

Trailer for a new biopic about ..."
""It will be boon to humanity when the boomers dies off."In case you haven't noticed ..."

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