The Energetic and Wonderful Brandon Vogt writes…

The Energetic and Wonderful Brandon Vogt writes… July 12, 2016

I’m sure you know that we live in a post-Christian culture that constantly attacks the beliefs of Christianity.

And often these attacks are directed at the Bible itself.

That’s why my friend Scott Sullivan created the How To Defend The Bible “Crash Course”.

It’s a simple, step-by-step method that teaches you how to answer to most common objections to the Bible in the shortest amount of time possible:

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Normally Scott sells this video course for $47, but I convinced him to cut the price down to just $7 for you (!!)

That’s NOT a typo. The entire course is just $7! That’s over 85% off!

No trials… no subscriptions… no shenanigans…

…I want you to have it because even if you don’t think you need it today, trust me… you will!

But here’s the catch:

This deal is only available until this Thursday at midnight ET, so NOW is the time to get access:

Get “How to Defend the Bible” Video Course for Only $7!!

Don’t tell yourself, “Cool! I’ll order it, but just not right now.”

We both know how easy it is to forget. If you don’t order it NOW, you’ll likely forget and miss out on this awesome deal.

So I hope you get in, and enjoy the course!


PS. Just to emphasize, this should be a NO-BRAINER. A master video course on How To Defend The Bible for just $7?? Don’t wait! Get it now!

Check thou it out!

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