Pascal Emmanual Gobry has a nice piece about demographic winter

Pascal Emmanual Gobry has a nice piece about demographic winter August 13, 2016

and our declining birthrate. The irony, of course, is that on the American Right, the same people freaking out about Muslims outbreeding us also have given themselves body and soul over to a racist who supports both abortion and Planned Parenthood, whose main appeal to white Christian fertility cultists is to make sure that an overwhelmingly Christian and Catholic population of refugees who work hard, care about their families and just want to build a better life for themselves are kept out (and deported to the tune of 12 million people).

Why?  Because they do all that in brown skins and that, not their Christianity, is what really matters to white Christian fertility cultists.

So Christian demographic winter does not appear to be that much of an emergency to our “prolife” Trumpkins. Indeed, one of them infamously declared that it was more important to deport such brownskin Christians than, God forbid, welcome them as brother and sister Christians. That’s too much trouble. So he declared that “Amnesty Equals Abortion” and called for the not-at-all crazy project of rounding up 12 million people vital to our economic system and inhumanly expelling them since, for some reason, they think conservative Catholics like him care more about money and power than about them and their children and are not likely to vote for his racist candidate.

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