Some of You May Be Surprised to Learn that I Have a Temper

Some of You May Be Surprised to Learn that I Have a Temper August 22, 2016

Or not.

At any rate, it’s a frequent issue at confession for me and it gets me in trouble as, for instance, when I lose a writing gig at the National Catholic Register, a periodical that has shown me nothing but kindness for over a decade.  I’m grateful to them for those years and I wish them well.  I acknowledge, as I have many times in the past, that I have a temper problem in social media. I’ve made mistakes and committed sins and, although I’m sorry that this happened, I respect the Register‘s decision. My goal now is to learn the lessons from this that God would have me learn.

Your prayers for me and the Register would be appreciated.  I wish them all my best and thank them for giving me a forum for all those years.

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