The measure you use will be measured to you

The measure you use will be measured to you August 16, 2016

Perfect! So I’ve been hearing constantly that I must support Trump because, unlike the dreaded Hillary, *he’s* not an enemy of religious liberty. When I point out that he has called for a complete ban on Muslim immigration and a database of all Muslim-Americans, the response from Good Christians has been, “Well, yeah. But that’s just Muslims so it doesn’t count.”

When I’ve pointed out to these paladins of the First Amendment that if you infringe the religious liberties of Muslims, its a short step to doing it to Catholics too.

Harsh, scoffing laughter.

Behold! A reader informs me:

Trump’s anti-ISIS speech today will back off explicit Muslim ban but substitute an ideological test of “American values” to which immigrants and visa applicants must affirm their support. The specifics? Religious freedom, gender equality, gay rights. Obviously intended to hit Sharia law, but could in theory be problematic for Catholics, Mormons, and large swathes of the Republican Party.

The talent for sheer, imprudent wrongness and short-sightedness from Catholic Trump supporters never fails to amaze me. Combined with the utter inability to learn from such visible-from-space mistakes, it makes for the world’s longest film loop of never-ending folly.

Yeah. Let’s have a religious test that ban any religious believer from citizenship who questions gay rights to, say, the sacrament of marriage. Smart! Even better, let’s deny religious liberty to those who deny religious liberty.


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