Washington: It’s Not Like Where You’re From

Washington: It’s Not Like Where You’re From August 2, 2016

Did me dooty this morning and filed my ballot.  To my great pleasure, the Gubernatorial race includes (I am not making this up): “Goodspaceguy“.

He informs us that due to his comprehensive studies of business and economics in Sweden, Germany and the US he has “a worldview”.  Good to know.

His prescriptions include “loser wages” for “losers” which will somehow bring criminal into the work force where it will be onward and upward.  He has other views too. According to Wikipedia, “He frequently participates in public comment sessions by introducing himself “Hello, my name is Goodspaceguy, I am from Phoebe, one of Saturn’s many moons,” in a language other than English. His use of languages other than English to introduce himself, he’s explained, is in protest against the city’s use of Spanish in some printed materials.”

The great thing about Washington is that it still has a political culture that encourages characters out of Dickens to offer themselves for public amusement.

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