Everybody knows that Hillary was the disciple of Saul Alinsky

Everybody knows that Hillary was the disciple of Saul Alinsky October 28, 2016
…who was more eviller than Hitler and Satan put together. In their secret occult ceremonies, he initiated her in the dark inner mysteries of his occult commie plan to destroy America. Common knowledge. 
Only here’s the thing: Hillary wrote her thesis challenging Alinsky, not supporting him. Neither her nor Obama were trained by Alinsky.
And Alinsky, by the way, was not a satanist. He was a Jewish atheist of the old Lefty rabble rousing school. His dedication of Rules for Radicals to Lucifer was not an occult invocation but a literary reference.  Lucifer was the first rebel and he’s urging rebellion against The System.  You might as well call John Milton a Satanist High Priest.  
Moreover, Alinsky had a soft spot for his friend, one of the greatest Catholic philosophers and theologians of the 20th century, Jacques Maritain, with whom he carried on a long correspondence that you can read in The Philosopher and the Provocateur. They had a warm regard for each other, which will, of course, only convince the paranoid that Alinsky also used his Svengali-like powers to subvert the Second Vatican Council.
One person whom Alinsky did directly teach and support was the great Catholic organizer Cesar Chavez, whom he directly employed, trained, and financed up until the official founding of the United Farm Workers.
It is bizarre that this guy has become the bogeyman and the Moriarty of the Right Wing Noise Machine.
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