Eye of the Tiber: The BOOK will soon be here

Eye of the Tiber: The BOOK will soon be here October 18, 2016

Check out the ringing endorsements!

“One of the best doorstops I’ve ever had.” – Hilin Naoum, S.C.’s wife

“I laughed until I cried. After this book, Catholics are going to have to work even harder to make everyone think we’re boring.” – Jennifer Fulwiler, #4 Google search result for “socially awkward person”

“This book is terrible. Okay, it’s awesome. Or is it? Buy it now to find out or get ten years of bad luck.” – Matt Fradd, author of Does God Exist? A Socratic Dialogue on the Five Ways of St. Thomas Aquinas

“G.K. Chesterton once observed, ‘It is the test of a good religion whether you can joke about it.’ If that’s true, then Catholicism must be a very good religion. For years, S.C. has brought levity and light to somber corners of the Catholic blogosphere through his Eye of the Tiber blog. Now, thanks to this delightful new book, that hilarity will spread even further. Read it, smile, laugh, and let it lighten your soul.” – Brandon Vogt, author of RETURN and founder of StrangeNotions.com

“The author used to work at Catholic Answers but left us for something more exciting. When that didn’t pan out, he fell into depression. The result was Eye of the Tiber.” – Karl Keating, founder of Catholic Answers

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