Steve Chapman on the Suicide of the Prolife Movement

Steve Chapman on the Suicide of the Prolife Movement October 15, 2016

He’s absolutely right.  The greatest act of folly since Roe:

But the bigger reason pro-lifers shouldn’t associate themselves with Trump is that the key to the ultimate success of their cause is not political or judicial but cultural.

The pro-life movement is one of the few voices in our society for elevating certain inviolable moral obligations above utilitarian needs. It believes the life of the unborn should take priority over the needs and preferences of the adults whose choices produced that life. It has said that even miraculous medical advances do not justify destroying innocent life.

The humane principles underlying those beliefs are not popular in a modern culture that places personal happiness and fulfillment above all else. They have a chance of eventually gaining broad acceptance only if they come from advocates whose lives demonstrate their deepest values.

A vote for Trump is a betrayal of those values. He embodies every toxic force in the culture that pro-lifers hope to overcome. He is, by his very nature, not their friend.

By making excuses for him and his malignant character, they are trading their moral authority, credibility and integrity for uncertain, short-term considerations. With that, they are dooming everything they cherish.

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