Living “as if”

Living “as if” November 21, 2016

The president-elect’s Chief Strategist is a man who proudly boasts giving a platform to such filth. What do we do about enemies who advocate grave moral evil and who now have massive power? Pray for their redemption and work for their crushing defeat. Fight them, not with hatred, but with a will to live “as if”–as if Christ is risen, as if the power of the Holy Spirit to live in love and mercy *is* yours for the asking, as if you can be a saint, as if your enemy–evil as he may be–is one for whom Christ also died, as if you truly can not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good, as if the day is hasting when this evil will destroy itself, as if human life (including the life of your enemy) is sacred from conception to natural death, as if love is still at the heart of reality and as if gratitude really is the deepest and most proper posture of the human soul.

"I just have to say that what you wrote sounds creepy."

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