Please Help Students for Life America Continue its Work!

Please Help Students for Life America Continue its Work! November 29, 2016

Today is the big day: #GivingTuesday, a worldwide day of charitable giving.

And I need your help, big time.

Students for Life has been awarded a generous matching grant from a long-time supporter, which means that every donation we receive today will be DOUBLED up to $75,000!

Here are the only two rules:

1) You must donate on this page towards this campaign. Just go here:

2) To have your tax-deductible donation DOUBLED, you must give between now and MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

Right now, we are only $33,000 away from hitting our goal. With your help, we can reach $75,000 and receive the full matching grant, resulting in $150,000 for Students for Life to hire 3 new Regional Coordinators!

Anything you can give will be instantly doubled, so that means….

A gift of $50 will be doubled to $100!
A gift of $100 will be doubled to $200!
A gift of $500 will be doubled to $1,000!
A gift of $5,000 will be doubled to $10,000!!

Like me, I’m sure you’ve seen a few emails this morning about this big day. But can I take 2 minutes right now to make my case to you as to why you should invest in our mission at Students for Life?

  • Students for Life is doing work that no one one else is doing: starting and equipping pro-life groups where the abortion industry targets the most for business. Right now, we serve more than 1,100 groups in all 50 states. On every single one of those campuses, lives are being saved from abortion, women in crisis shown the Love of Christ, and students made into the leaders our movement needs.
  • We know that to change our culture and transform our nation and the future of Washington, D.C., we have to win the culture-makers, young people. The laws we may pass now and court decisions that are made now can all be erased in the next few decades if we lose the culture.
  • This new year, Students for Life will be working with a coalition of groups to finally defund Planned Parenthood with the help of the new presidential administration. Make no mistake, this isn’t going to be an easy battle as Planned Parenthood is not going to simply give up half of their funding, over $500 million dollars a year, easily.

Mark, I hope you can prayerfully consider making as large of a gift as you can today and help us reach our goal!!

Remember every dollar you give will be doubled!

Thank you for all you allow us to serve.

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life

P.S. – Until MIDNIGHT, every tax-dedutible gift you give to Students for Life will be instantly doubled! $25 will become $50, $100 will become $200, $500 will become $1,000. Please donate here right now:

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