Sherry Antonetti, my Monday Co-host posted an Hour before the Game ended

Sherry Antonetti, my Monday Co-host posted an Hour before the Game ended November 2, 2016

Game Seven 2016
For seven innings, they were beautiful.
For seven innings, they ruled the game.
For seven innings the cubs whistled “What Curse?”
and Go Cubs Go, they sang…
For seven innings the Cubs played
and silenced the whole Tribe
The Eighth inning however,
things got clever. It had a different vibe.
Batters came, the Indians rallied
and now the score was tied.
It even started raining…
Surely God was on Chicago’s side.
They held on through the ninth
and all the nation held its breath

would this be a moment of almost pure joy?
Would this be the curse’s death?
But the tarp is on the field
and the game will be delayed.
The fans standing in the streets of Chicago,
like their counters in Cleveland,
Ignored the weather. They stayed.
Everyone who loves baseball
knows the game can break your heart.
Loving something means being willing to suffer.
So we’ll wait, but we want the game to restart.
At 12:12 they restarted.
And Shaw looked shaky at first
Would 2016 be the greatest season for the Cubs?
Or would it be the worst.
Davis caught a long fly ball,
but the runner did advance.
The Pitcher set with Rizzo at bat
and a meeting before the dance.
A walk to face Zorbrist
who was 0 for 4
and Cub fans bit their nails.
Two men on and only one out.
Zorbrist didn’t fail.
One out, two runs and bases loaded,
A pitching change at hand.
Who would take the title after 179 games,
The Cubbies or Cleveland?
Heyward struck out not quite swinging
Baez fell behind in the count.
With three bases filled,they could pad the lead
if the second baseman hadn’t popped out.
Edwards Jr. took the mound
for the bottom of the tenth
Three outs to glory or goatville

baseball at its zenith.
The first man down, Ramirez tried to crush it,
and would be marked a 6-3.
If you were scoring at home, you had one out to go
to watch a moment of perfect beauty.
But the Cubbies always make it interesting,
and Jr. fell behind in the count.
The catcher walked out to settle him.
Don’t think about the game, just the out.
A walk brought the tieing run to the plate
and Guyer they gave second without a fight.
Davis hit and a run scored
and the game went on deeper in the night.
And just like that, from third to first,
The final out was made.
Cubs Win Cubs Win Cubs Win Cubs Win
and 2016 as a year, was saved!

Pretty impressive!

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