Story on a cheap new technique for providing clean water

Story on a cheap new technique for providing clean water November 28, 2016

Also, a bit of good news on an answered prayer.  A reader writes:

I found this to be very uplifting and thought you might want to share it with your readers.  God bless.

Paper made at WMU to provide clean water for impoverished countries

Also here is a link to the other company involved.

I love the innovative idea. Apparently there are nanoparticles of silver imbedded in this durable yet pliable paper fiber.  At the hospital where I work, special creams are used which contain silver (for example on burn patients) since the silver is antibiotic in nature and helps people avoid having their wounds become infected.  The greatest thing about this is it will not be expensive.  Let’s pray no one tries to steal the patent and make a profit off of it at the expense of those most in need of it.  I also am very appreciative of all your insights Mark, and wanted to let you know that the patient you had your readers pray for last year eventually recovered and was able to rejoin her family.

For all good gifts and answers to prayer, thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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