Here’s a fun game for the Holidays

Here’s a fun game for the Holidays December 23, 2016

Guess the film or book:

Deeply traumatized member of the maritime working class, denied health care benefits and any kind of psychological help, attempts to work through his PTSD after a vicious attack by a wild animal that killed close friends and co-workers and left him permanently disabled. An equal opportunity employer with a multi-ethnic work force when such things were still frowned upon, he is ignored by society and the government after his repeated warnings that it is only a matter of time before the animal kills again. So he bravely takes matters into his own hands like a true entrepreneur and risk-taker and ultimately sacrifices his life to stop the killing spree.


An illegal alien, abandoned by his accomplices, hides from the authorities in a family home without the knowledge of the owner, uses mind control techniques over one child, terrorizes another, gets drunk, steals the family’s food and valuable electronics, infects a child with his grave illness, and finally evades police to flee justice when his accomplices return, after having turned one child into a sleeper agent completely dedicated to his foreign ideology.


A runaway girl with a vicious pet that has already attacked one neighbor arrives in a strange land, kills the first person she meets, and then teams up with three strangers to kill again.

Now you play!

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