Nearly Half of Americans Think Torture Can be Useful

Nearly Half of Americans Think Torture Can be Useful December 6, 2016

They believe this based, not on the actual information provided by real interrogators who insist it is worthless, but on a steady stream of lies and disinformation from conservative news sources bent on defending Bush/Cheney torture policies, reruns of “24”, and on applause lines from Donald Trump and other GOPers who champion torture.

And the biggest champions of torture in American public life are conservative Evangelicals and Catholics, who boast that they are “prolife” and the Really Realest True Christians fit to sit in judgement of fake Christians and drum them out of the Church.

That’s why there is a New Prolife Movement. Its goal is simple. Listen to the Church when it says to defend the life and human dignity, not only of the unborn, but of the prisoner. Don’t commit torture for the same reason you should not commit abortion: because the victim is a human being and because you don’t want to commit sins worthy of the everlasting fires of hell–which are real and to which we will go if we do not repent such evils.

Trump has, for the minute, backed off on his pledges to torture. But when he sees how enormously popular it is with Americans–and with the Best Christians of All Time in particular–there is no reason an impulsive and immoral man like him would not embrace it again if he thinks it will play well with the mob. Don’t be part of that mob. Torture is not only gravely evil, it’s stupid too. All this poll demonstrates is that nearly half of Americans are ignorant and vengeful and don’t care if they hurt the country and insult God Almighty.

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