Aimee Christine Murphy of Life Matters…

Aimee Christine Murphy of Life Matters… January 19, 2017

speaks truth to the powers who run the March for Some Correct Women.

As Prolife Democrat Rebecca Hamilton pointed out, in today’s Democratic Party. You can be a zealous warmonger, a shredder of the social safety, a lickspittle slave of the 1%, a huge supporter of a for-profit prison system that disproportionately jails (and enslaves) minorities in a gulag larger than Stalin’s and not only be a good Democrat, but even get nominated for President. The only thing you must never ever *ever* do is agree with 80% of the American people that there is so much as a hint of anything wrong with the killing of unborn children. Every smallest qualm of conscience must be crushed underfoot. Prolife feminists who share your hostility to Trump’s misogyny must be spat upon and ostracized like lepers to maintain ideological purity. Abortion alone must remain your deepest core value, no matter how stupid and counter-productive that obsession is. In saecula saeculorum, amen!

The good news is that consistent life ethic witnesses like Aimee and Destiny Herdon-de la Rosa are cutting the ground out from under the stupid tyranny of the abortion monomaniacs by their credible witness. It’s not possible to accuse them of using children as human shields for right wing culture of death agendas. Consequently, they are getting respectful hearings in places like WaPo, the Atlantic, and Slateas well as upcoming interviews in Rolling Stone and Elle.  This is called “evangelization”, and is the work of the Church in bearing witness to the world.

What struck me about Destiny Herndon-de la Rosa’s approach was how disarming it is.  To the accusation that she wants to force women to have children she says, “We don’t want to outlaw abortion.  We want to make it unthinkable.”  That’s really it.  Creating a civilization in which it is no more thinkable that either mother or child would be thrown away than it is that we should eat them.  It’s about changing hearts and minds by cherishing women and children together.

When the approach is disarming like that, the bullies and fanatics who want to silence them are exposed as bullies indeed.  Suddenly they, not prolife feminists, are the ones who have to explain themselves–and can’t.  That is how we do that.

Of course, prolife feminists, being peacemakers, are going to outcasts and martyrs too.  Both prolifers and feminists will reject them, as Rebecca Bratten Weiss discusses here.  That’s how peace is made in the Christian tradition: “by his blood”.  And Christians like Martin Luther King or the apostles sometimes participate in that with their own blood.  But the sacrifice is never in vain and is joined to Jesus’ on the Cross to become fruitful.

These women are the future of the prolife movement.  God bless them.

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