Pontifical Mission Societies to Release New Crowdfunding Platform

Pontifical Mission Societies to Release New Crowdfunding Platform January 19, 2017

MISSIO is the new app designed by the Pontifical Mission Societies to connect people directly with mission projects they wish to support through the convenience of their own smart phones.  It’s charity gone high-tech if you will (and a brilliant concept at that!).

MISSIO is for any person of faith who is mission-minded and wants to support a cause, wants to connect in real-time with the recipients of the cause, wants to have a say in exactly what aspect of the cause their funds go to, and wants to see the change being made with their dollars and prayers.  You need not be Catholic to subscribe.

Here’s the press release:

NEW YORK, January 18, 2017 – MISSIO, a unique new Catholic crowdfunding platform designed to make a difference for the poor and forgotten around the world, is now live at and on the MISSIO app.  MISSIO’s revolutionary concept uses technology to directly connect people with a mission project they’re passionate about.

Originally launched by Pope Francis, MISSIO was created by the Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States, the Pope’s official mission arm, which has been engaged in building up the Church and serving the poor for 200 years.

“Pope Francis has urged Catholics around the world to maintain a close and personal connection with the poor, just as Christ did,” said Oblate Father Andrew Small, National Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States. “MISSIO helps you do just that.”

“MISSIO makes the Mission Church visible on your mobile phone or computer screen,” Father Andrew continued. “In a world where everything is so accessible – from deliveries to the sports scores – why shouldn’t your faith, your Church be that visible? MISSIO provides that space, one that is safe, trusted, transparent, reliable – and effective.”

The Pontifical Mission Societies has also been using cutting-edge technology to promote MISSIO through the MISSIO Bot – a/k/a “PopeBOT” – part of a new generation of digital technology called ChatBots.  The “PopeBOT” allows Facebook users to “chat” with Pope Francis through a guided conversation, hearing inspirational stories from the Missions and learning about ways to offer help and hope to people living in dire poverty.

The Pontifical Mission Societies is also encouraging people to register for MISSIO by giving away a trip for two to Rome to accompany the Pontifical Mission Societies on what they call their “MISSIO ad limina to the Threshold of the Apostles” visit in May.  One winner will be selected from everyone who registers on MISSIO by noon EST on February 2, 2017, with the opportunity to meet with Pope Francis.  More than 25,000 people have already registered on MISSIO in the past few months.

With leaders of MISSIO projects largely religious and priests, MISSIO connects users with the heart of change in some of the poorest communities in our world. “Only the Church will help the Church,” offers Father Andrew. “Through MISSIO, that happens.”

Users can browse existing projects to support with donations and prayers or create their own project, receiving live updates directly from the on-site project manager as the project progresses. Projects can range from a food fund for communities in the Dominican Republic to support for Catholic social workers in India.

Parishes, schools and other faith communities can adopt a project within MISSIO or create their own mission-based project and fundraise within their group, building a community of support around a project.   MISSIO also provides a comprehensive dashboard containing tools such as email, open rates, project tracking, and analytics within the platform to help keep the project on track. Fundraisers can upload potential donors and reach them through MISSIO email, or download tools such as pamphlets, pew cards, brochures and other ways to help spread the word within the faith community.  MISSIO also provides tips for best practices to help fundraisers be successful in raising money towards a project for which they are passionate.

A MISSIO App is also available at the iTunes Store or Google Play to help donors and leaders track their progress more efficiently.

The Pontifical Mission Societies is the Pope’s official mission arm and work on the frontlines in Mission Dioceses around the world.  Each year, the need outstrips the ability to help those seeking to become change-makers in their communities.  Through MISSIO, the Pontifical Mission Societies extends this solidarity, enabling people to directly connect with that global network, learning the “who,” “what,” “where” and “wow” of their work.

I support anything that has the word “PopeBOT” associated with it.

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