Before you get your hopes up about the overturn of Roe…

Before you get your hopes up about the overturn of Roe… March 6, 2017

that is surely gonna happen now that Trump is here, note this interview with Neil Gorsuch, his SCOTUS nominee:

“She said they had an extended discussion about precedent and that Mr. Gorsuch said he believed that “it is not sufficient to overturn a long-established precedent for five current judges to believe a previous decision was wrongly decided.” That position could be interpreted by lawmakers who support abortion rights, like Ms. Collins, to mean he would not overturn Roe v. Wade even if he were part of a majority that disagreed with it.”

If that sounds a great deal like John “Roe is settled law” Roberts and so many other Republican appointees who have snatched the football away from Charlie Brown’s foot, that’s because it is.

Sooner or later, prolife people are going to have to realize that this eggs in one basket strategy of getting rid of Roe is never going to achieve the goal we seek and that addressing demand as well as supply (and above all, not enslaving ourselves to defending every culture of death evil the GOP advocates in exchange for the imaginary promise of overturning Roe) has to be faced.

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