It’s a good thing we did not appoint Garland to SCOTUS

It’s a good thing we did not appoint Garland to SCOTUS March 23, 2017

…or elect Hillary Clinton, because then we would have gotten a SCOTUS judge who insisted a fetus is not a person and Roe is settled law:

For this, O “prolife” Trump defenders, you have chosen to go to the mat defending a white supremacist sex predator who represents the utter antithesis of the gospel in virtually every way. For this.

And let’s be clear. I don’t mean you voted for Trump because you felt appalled by Hillary. I get that. I mean that you are still defending him, defending him right now. The instant that lying predator won should have been the instant his “reluctant” supporters became his strongest critics. But instead, they fell for the trap of having to rationalize their support for him and started defending his lies and cruelties. And they give no sign that they will stop defending him. Indeed, today I’m hearing all the excuses for Gorsuch’s language above and why we still have to believe that he’s going to overturn Roe, and why we must stay the course with Trump and Ryan, etc.

Meanwhile, the main energy of “prolife” Trump defenders goes to defending the GOP plan to destroy health care for 24 million of the weakest in our society, as well as kicking refugees in the teeth during the gravest humanitarian crisis since WWII, and to battling virtually every other aspect of Catholic Social Teaching that is not about abortion. And in addition the Christians who used to talk about “living in the truth” now defend every lie Trump tells and turn a blind eye when those lies are exposed. Still waiting for evidence of 3 million illegal votes. Still waiting for a drop of evidence that Obama tapped Trump’s phones. But none of it matters because Good Christian Trump defenders have assured themselves they are Sons of Light and Trump’s critics are, by definition, Sons of Darkness.

And so Roe will continue and we will be told that the only way to approach abortion is by the fruitless lie that voting GOP will outlaw it someday in the great by and by. Any approach that appeals to the Church’s *whole* social teaching will continue to be shouted down as “Francis-style liberalism” and the unborn will continue to be used as human shields for attacking the whole teaching of the Church in defense of the Party of Trump freak show parody of the gospel.

Or, this being Lent, Christian defenders of the Party of Trump could try repenting their support of this anti-christ fraud and enemy of the gospel, listening to the teaching of the Church and doing it. God is full of mercy and abundant pardon and call us to return to him.

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