Pro-Life, Pro-Truth

Pro-Life, Pro-Truth March 8, 2017

Alexi Sargeant (Leah Libresco-Sargeant’s husband) writes a great piece on the need for the pro-life to remember how the stakes of the abortion fight create a *greater* obligation to be truthful and honorable (and avoid citing false facts).

“We must treat truth, like an unborn child, as an innocent under threat. If we persist in the metaphor of “culture war” to describe the fights over abortion and related issues, then we must wage it as a just culture war, in which virtue is as indispensable as valor, and compassion for our opponents more important than rallying our allies with rhetorical overkill.

I am not talking only about avoiding flagrant fibs. Our responsibility to truth includes a responsibility to use statistics in a conscientious way, without being glib or misleading. Like any savvy debater using data, we should double-check statistics that seem too convenient for our cause, and triple-check any from a partisan source friendly to us.”

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