Brief Interview with actor Kaiser Johnson

Brief Interview with actor Kaiser Johnson April 4, 2017

A few years back, Kaiser and I were in a production of Manalive that has been kept carefully unreleased in order to ratchet up dramatic tension to unbearable levels. I anticipate a world premiere at my funeral or perhaps in some ensuing decade when the sensitive reappraisals of my legacy begin.

After playing Innocent Smith, I went back to pursuing my life’s goal of becoming a disgraced former columnist for a national Catholic periodical, a goal for which I am proud to say I met and exceeded expectations.

Kaiser has gone on to break into television–most recently playing a guy who, ‘ow you say?, bit off more than he could chew in The Vampire Diaries:

Kaiser Johnson – The Vampire Diaries from RipIt on Vimeo.

So I wrote Kaiser the other day and asked, “Saw your turn on Vampire Diaries. So what you are saying is “Don’t paint with human blood”. Right? Cuz if that’s not it, then can I go ahead and paint with human blood? I just want to make sure I’m not misunderstanding anything.”

He thoughtfully replied:

Yeah Mark, that’s the main lesson, I would say. It’s like Pope Francis says when people ask him what it takes to be a good person, “You know, like, don’t paint with human blood, I guess. That’s it mostly.” – NY Times

I appreciate that Kaiser is out there making art that really reminds us of the fundamentals.

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