The process of transformation from conservative patriot

The process of transformation from conservative patriot May 13, 2017

to factionalist nihilist is complete for Limbaugh and for the rest of the Party of Trump.

The distinction between jealousy and the mortal sin of envy is that jealousy still has the capacity for virtue.

The jealous man sees his neighbor’s hot car and sets his will to go get a better car. He does something constructive.

The envious man sees his neighbor’s hot car, waits till nightfall, and goes out to slash the tires and scratch the paint. He is entirely negative. The Party of Trump is now like that. They don’t care how much damage he does to the country or even to themselves. As long as it angers their culture war enemies, it’s all that matters. They are the peasant in the Russian joke who, promised by an angel that he could have anything as long as he understood his enemy would get twice as much, replies “Gouge out one of my eyes and beat me half to death.”

God defend us from evil men in positions of great power, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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