Two Heroes

Two Heroes May 31, 2017

One man died with the words a saint might say on his lips:

“He said, ‘Tell them, I want everybody to know, I want everybody on the train to know, I love them.'”

Another was a heroic Catholic father of four.

Both stepped forward to defend two women from a white racist who wrote this:

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Christian was much like this white racist and this white racist and joined the growing ranks of deadly white racists that take their inspiration from our white racist president and his white racist attorney general. And the white racists, Alt Right white racists, KKK, and neo-Nazis adore and magnify their white racist names while Good White Christians deny, excuse and defend it all and fret over brown refugees coming to kill them in their beds–all while ignoring the fact that their beds are more deadly than the Refugee Peril the racist they worship wastes time worrying about.

Speaking of our Racist-in-Chief, how did he respond to these heroes?

Image may contain: text

Ah!  But look!  By Memorial Day his White House did lackadaisically get around to noticing the murder of these two men by Jeremy Christian.

Note that I say “his White House”.  For the Racist-in-Chief did not actually respond himself.  He was too busy praising a member of his party of brownshirts who assaulted a reporter, as well as making an ass of himself in Europe

and at a Memorial Day ceremony

Oh, to be sure, he did find time to tweet:

“RealDonaldTrump” is the true quill. That’s the Donald himself speaking from his petty puny vindictive little heart about the things that really matter to him: spite for his culture war enemies.

But the actions of heroes against racists who adore him?

Nah! It fell to some anonymous functionary, tweeting on a White House account, to give the appearance that Trump noticed or cared that two heroes gave their lives to stop yet another of his fanboi from committing yet another act of violence against yet another brown person, inspired by him:

Image may contain: text

Eternal memory to these two heroes and may God have mercy on their murderer, on the Racist-in-Chief who sullies the memory of all heroes, and on the Christians who stain the gospel with defenses of his disgraceful behavior.  Grant us, O Lord, swift deliverance from his misrule and that of all state leaders who walk in his ways, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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