“This is an epic fail” – Charles Krauthammer

“This is an epic fail” – Charles Krauthammer July 19, 2017

This is a major story in two ways.

First, and most obvious, is the fact that it establishes that the GOP is the Party of Nihilist Incompetents in a massive way.  The Number One and Only Priority of these  life-denying crooks and liars has, for seven long years, been to destroy Obamacare and they have been thrown into utter confusion by the lying incompetent they elected as their leader, as well as the feckless thieves and frauds they have installed in Congress.  Now Trump, in his utter neglect of responsibility, has simply declared he will let the fate of millions of Americans not matter.  They tried to destroy the ACA and put in something cruel and they failed.  Then they tried to make it even crueler and they failed, not because the better angels of their natures prevailed, but because the most draconian and cruel among them were bitter that it was not cruel enough.  Then, in their spite, they tried to simply destroy the ACA and put nothing in its place.  Now even that has failed.  So Trump now declare a sort of scorched earth childishness of hoping the whole thing fails (something his party of enemies of the country will do everything they can to guarantee, poor and sick people be damned).

But the second thing is even more remarkable.  It is this: on FOX, of all places, a conservative member of the Right Wing Noise Machine has (admittedly, almost alone in that wilderness of noise and lies) actually suggested that the Leaders of the Party of Personal Responsibility and not everybody else–Hillary, Obama, the Fake News Media, Democrats, damn libruls, Hollywood, SNL, Evil Patheos CINOs, or whatever other bogeyman–might actually, finally, really be responsible for being the screwups, crooks, liars, and feckless incompetents they are.

Imagine it!  What if the Party of Personal Responsibility took the next step and actually tried repenting instead of blaming everybody else?

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