It’s our birthday, precioussss!

It’s our birthday, precioussss! August 5, 2017

And we wants Cut In Half Man to entertain usss with trickses.

Sadly, he won’t be appearing at my festivities, for I will be at Lake Ballinger today, cooling off from the August flames of the sun. (If you live in the area and have been cooking alive in this week’s heat wave, feel free to join us this afternoon as we swim round the island, eat stuff, and look at birds and little kids frolicking, not necessarily in that order.

Then, this evening, the family Shea, or members thereof, and friends, head off to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream in (I am not making this up) Othello Park at 7 PM. Come join us for one of Shakespeare’s goofiest comedies.

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