The Failure of the Prolife Movement

The Failure of the Prolife Movement December 21, 2017

All the this:

“‘In the first place, we must correctly realize why abortion in this country (let alone in Europe) came into being. It did not come in with the legalization of contraception 6 years earlier, nor did it come in because of Margaret Sanger, who was a socialist and a Nazi supporter. It did not even come from Eugenics. These are all secondary causes; they are all involved, however, they flow from a primary cause.

‘Abortion came from Capitalism’s betrayal of the family. The assault of liberalism always realizes itself as economic before it does as political. Until the pro-life movement comes to the realization that abortion is wedded to our economic system, it will fail each and every time. Moreover, as long as it is beholden to the Republican party, which by and large is a party wedded to free market capitalism (the source for abortion) then the movement to end abortion will never be realized…”

“What has broken up households and encouraged divorces, and treated the old domestic virtues with more and more open contempt, is the epoch and power of Capitalism.” -GK Chesterton

The prolife movement in the US is engaged in the eternal Sisyphean struggle to outlaw the supply of abortion while actively supporting a Right Wing Culture of Death that does everything in its power to inflame the demand for abortion.

And when you point that out, you are accused of supporting abortion *especially* when you say you are committed to the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.  In order to prove you are *really* prolife to the the “prolife” Christianist, you need to reject and battle the Church’s teaching on unjust war, torture, a living wage, capital punishment, refugees and anything else that smells “liberal” to the “prolife” Christianist.  And also, don’t get too noisy about all those brown kids getting cut off of CHIP or the ones miscarrying because of the lead in Flint’s water.  We  don’t want to be as prolife as all of *that*.

It’s insane.

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