Christian vs. Christianists: Septuaginarian Edition

Christian vs. Christianists: Septuaginarian Edition January 25, 2018

Jesus calls us to honor the elderly. That means providing for their needs when they reach old age.

Christianists, in contrast, believe only in the profit motive and in the Libertarian commitment defending the strong and greedy from the needs of the poor and the weak they eat.

Case in point: the destruction of the pension for our elderly citizens, combined with the sacking of their Social Security and medical benefits, forcing them to work at fast food joints and other places that pay them a pittance while they struggle to keep body and soul together. Some of them are, in fact, forced to separate from their spouses lest they lose their health care:

Christians denounce this as the evil it is. Christianists lie that these spry seasoned citizens *love* “having something to do” as they slave for dimes in fear of losing everything. Christianists–whose sole gods are money and power–admire the way in which the super-rich grind the faces of the impoverished elderly and make excuses for it as the servants of Mammon and power that they are.

Christians, in contrast, understand that when you get old you deserve a break and should not be harried with the fear of poverty, nor forced to separate from the love of your life. More that that, they understand that provision for the elderly is absolutely, positively *not* “charity”. It is *justice* and therefore it is absolutely the duty of the state–whose entire job is to ensure justice–to tax us and make provision for the common good for our elderly when their families cannot do so. Any Christianist who denies that and abandons the elderly to their fate is the enemy of the least of these. Conversely, no Christian needs to be told it since he is *eager* to help those in need, as Jesus is.

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