Compare and Contrast: Christian vs. Christianist on Nukes

Compare and Contrast: Christian vs. Christianist on Nukes January 11, 2018

Here is the Christian position, articulated by Rome, which called the use of weapons of mass destruction a “crime against man and God, meriting firm and unequivocal condemnation” (Gaudium et Spes).  Pope Francis sez:

Addressing the international symposium on Nov. 10, Pope Francis did not just condemn the threat of using nuclear weapons. He categorically declared their very possession is immoral.

“They cannot constitute the basis for peaceful coexistence between members of the human family, which must rather be inspired by an ethics of solidarity,” Pope Francis said.

Their very possession.

All this is, of course repugnant to Christianists, who think fondling nuclear weapons is awesome and who loved Trump’s threat the other week to use them.  They are fully on board with the Trump administration’s plans to loosen constraints on the use of such weapons, as well as to proliferate more such weapons for their god king to play with in his tiny hands.

Because Christianism is a diabolical cult of death at war with the gospel.  That is why it constantly seeks to do the exact opposite of the teaching of the Church–and to call that teaching and this pope “fake Christians” and so forth.

This isn’t even hard.  This is Moses vs. the Golden Calf stuff.  Jesus or Barabbas stuff.  And still the Greatest Catholics of All Time consistently make the visible-from-space wrong call and name Trump a stable genius and Francis the “heretic pope”.

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