Christianism and its Legacy of Heresy and Phony Hagiography

Christianism and its Legacy of Heresy and Phony Hagiography February 17, 2018

Franklin Graham declares Trump sin-free since receiving the Sacrament of Inauguration:

The last we heard from the Apostle to the Rich White Males, he was declaring Trump forgiven for sleeping with a porn star while Melania recovered from childbirth. As Christianists do, he did not bother to consult with Melania, because Trump certainly does not attract callous misogynists to his orbit or anything.

Now he is offering the argument that since Trump has not (that we know of) committed fornication or adultery or sexual assault since becoming President has not sinned at all. This is what moral theologians call “not just lowering the bar, but burying it.” What he overlooks, of course, is Trump’s use of the full might of his office to call the 19 women who have come forward to confirm his brags of being a sex predator “liars“.

Time was when the Religious Right said that men like Bill Clinton were re-victimizing rape victims like Juanita Broaddrick by calling them liars. But that was before Donald Trump led men like Franklin Graham up an exceeding high mountain and promised them that when he was president “Christianity will have power” if they would bow down and worship him. So Trump is now totally not sinning when he revictimizes his victims of sexual assault.

Nor does anything else he says or does qualify as a sin. He is the Immaculate Election. He can destroy families by deporting vets and DACA kids. He mock Gold Star families. He can refund Planned Parenthood. It’s all sinless perfection.

Indeed, with it now goes a classic work of hagiography: 400 pages–400–on the Faith of Donald Trump, because there’s a sucker born every minute. Check it out and hear how a man who says he does not ask God for forgiveness, who says when somebody hit you, you should hit them back ten times harder, who lies every single day multiple times a day, who has never apologized for mocking the disabled and POWs, who is the most transparently phony anti-christ in the history of the Presidency is really a “Baby Christian”:

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