Scott Stantis on “Connecting the Dots”

Scott Stantis on “Connecting the Dots” February 14, 2018

Part two of our Hostage Exchange as I host Scott Stantis on my podcast after he hosted me on his.  Scott is the author of the “Prickly City” strip, the editorial cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune–and a Catholic convert of some 10 years.  You can some of his work below:

"At what point it is considered broad brushed? When Trump can joke about grabbing women ..."

Well done, Gillette!
"I just need to point this out... if seeing a camel toe or a lot ..."

Well done, Gillette!
"Why do you blame satan for the free will choices of Christians?"

Well done, Gillette!
"God, what a cesspool this "Catholic" blog is. Satanic."

Well done, Gillette!

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