The 20 Worst Broken Promises of Christianism

The 20 Worst Broken Promises of Christianism March 8, 2018

I changed the title because it is important to always remember that Christianism is a theopolitical cult that sells the lies of Trump under the guise of Christian imagery, jargon and trappings.

What is notable about all this is that even when Christianist lies hurt the Christianist liar himself, the support for him continues. Why? I think the reason has been evident since the day after Election Day: Sin make you stupid and pride is the greatest sin of all.

Once the Christianist voted for Trump, all his empty words about “holding Trump’s feet to the fire evaporated and the reality set in: he now had to start telling himself and other lie after lie to rationalize his vote for Trump. Almost immediately, the Christianist Cult began replying to every lie and disgusting thing Trump did with “But Hillary!” Sometimes this was out of embarrassment, but often it was because Trump was saying and doing evil thing the Christianist liked, but could not admit liking, such as cruelty to DACA kids or getting away with sexual assault. The essence of Christianism has morphed over the past year away from being a compromise with to an embrace of Trump’s core values of money and power. Trump promised Christianists that when he became President they would “have power” and would not need anyone else. They went for that hook, line, and sinker and committed themselves to the full-throated defense of the man they now hail as a Great President.

Well, when you commit like that, and especially when you lard on top of that obvious lie the claim that God Almighty himself has anointed the Dear Leader, you can’t just up and call God Almighty a liar or a fool. You have to see it through. So when Trump screws you, you have to keep defending him or at most, keep your trap shut while he pick your pocket, deports your job, and tell your kid in public school that it does not matter to him whether she lives or dies.

The way forward, of course, is Lenten: repent your sin of pride, admit it was folly to keep supporting him, and then start thinking about ways to live the gospel of Christ and not the lies of Christianism. What’s done is done with respect to his election. But you can do the wise thing the next times and destroy his party of nihilist predators at the polls. But above all, you can return to the gospel right now and abandon the lies of Christianism that you’ve been telling yourself and others for the past year and listen to the Magisterium instead–and live the gospel.

There is always hope.

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