The baffling thing about Brandon Vogt…

The baffling thing about Brandon Vogt… March 7, 2018

…is how a guy as busily involved in doing good things for other people finds the time to read all the stuff he helps other people find to read:

Hey, Mark!

Quick question:

Do you want to learn philosophy?

Most people have never studied philosophy, but it’s something they hope to do “some day, at some point.”

Does that sound familiar??

One of the big regrets from college was that I never had to take a single philosophy class.

It’s a shame, because philosophy is one of the most important disciplines, maybe the most important besides theology.

It grounds all the sciences, economics, ethics, teaching, business–they all depend on philosophy.

That’s why, after graduating, I committed to learning philosophy on my own, getting up to speed on what I should have learned college.

I read dozens of  books, learning about important questions like:

·        How can I become a better and more logical thinker?

·        Where does knowledge come from?

·        How do I recognize bad arguments and fallacies?

·        What’s the right way to live?

·        How does morality work, and what’s moral?

·        Does God exist, and how can we know?

These questions are endlessly fascinating. Philosophy matters. We should all study it because, at the end of the day, we all have a philosophy. It’s just a question of whether it’s a good, well-formed philosophy or a bad, thoughtless one.

So that’s why, along with a friend of mine, Matt Nelson, we’ve started a Philosophy Reading Club.

We’re basically reading through the entire “History of Philosophy” series written by Fr. Frederick Copleston. We’re reading it slowly, only about 4-5 pages per day, so it will take several months.

But we’re doing it together, in community with dozens of people online, so we can all keep each other accountable, discuss the books, philosophers, and ideas, and learn as much philosophy as we can.

Want to join us??

It’s free and easy. Here’s what to do:

1) Visit our website to learn more >>

2)Order the first book (Volume 1), which will take us through the next few months.

3) Join our Facebook Group, which is where the discussion will happen.

4) Download/print the reading plan.

That’s it!

I hope you can join us. It should be a fun couple years reading through this series and learning about the great thinkers of Western history.

Hope you can take part, and I’ll see you in the discussion group!


PS. If you’re not on Facebook, or don’t want to join the group, that’s OK! I encourage you to still print out the reading plan and read through the books with us anyways.

PPS. Here’s what Dr. Peter Kreeft, philosophy professor at Boston College, said about Fr. Copleston’s “History of Philosophy” series:

“Frederick Copleston, SJ. has written the most clear and complete multi-volume history of Western philosophy available, with increasing detail as it becomes more and more contemporary. It is not exciting, dramatic, or “existential” but it is very fair, clear, logical, and helpful.”

Check thou it out!

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