If you are paying a ton of money for prescriptions…

If you are paying a ton of money for prescriptions… March 13, 2018

…check out GoodRx.com.

So, my wife and I are what young people call “old” and what we call “mature”.  Consequently, we take what other people call “drugs” and we call “medication”.  My wife needs Levothyroxin and I need various meds for diabetes.

There was a golden time when we qualified for Washington Apple Health but (as attested by my not having to hold Tin Cup Rattles the past partial decade or so) we are doing okay financially and so lost our health coverage.  The new plan for which we qualified suddenly wanted nearly a thousand bucks a month in premiums.  We said, “Not possible” and let the coverage lapse.  Result: we now pay for our drugs, I mean, medication.

Jan got prescribed something called Atorvastatin.  When I went to get it at the drugstore, they wanted to charge me $356 stinkin’ bucks for it.  That’s when I suddenly remembered my doctor had told me about GoodRx.com where you can get the same meds for “cheaper”, so decided to check it out before shelling out all that cash.

Went home, logged on, and was blown away.  All you do is enter the med you want and the quantity you want and then tell it to print a completely free coupon to present at the local pharmacy of your choice.  They will then charge you the amount on the coupon, not the full amount.  The exact same prescription for Atorvastatin, with coupon presented to the local Fred Meyer, comes to $11.83, not $356.  Another of my meds, normally $64, comes to $16.

If you are paying a ton of money for meds, or just like paying less, check out GoodRx.com.

What I’m trying to figure out is how they make money because the whole thing is free.  But I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth!

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