Christianist “Prolife” Pundit Kevin Williamson…

Christianist “Prolife” Pundit Kevin Williamson… April 12, 2018

thinks post-abortive women should be hanged.

He’s a respected writer for the National Review.

And he’s not alone.  Idaho GOP candidate for Lieutanant Governor and State Sen. Bob Nonini also thinks post-abortive women should be executed.

And they aren’t alone.

People wonder why the Old Prolife Movement is in ruins.  The answer is: It has become a front for a murderous cult of death in the service of Trump, Mammon, and Power and has nothing to do with life or God anymore.

Meanwhile, Christians, who follow Jesus Christ and not Mammon and Power, have mercy on women victimized by abortion and support organizations like Rachel’s Vineyard.

Remember this freak show of a party in November and destroy it at the polls.  Keep destroying it every two years until nothing of this monstrous pack of lying predators remains.

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