Today is the 19th Anniversary of the Massacre at Columbine

Today is the 19th Anniversary of the Massacre at Columbine April 20, 2018

…and more than 200,000 students have experienced gun violence since then.

Meanwhile, the only thing that has changed about the Gun Cult’s response to such slaughter is that it has perfected the art of smearing the victims with filthy lies that they are hoaxers who either never had children massacred at their schools, or that they willingly offered their children to be massacred so that Obama could Take Our Guns, or that the children themselves are “crisis actors” and liars, or that the children who push back against the Gun Cult should be slaughtered to shut them up.

Happily, the victims, led by by the Parkland kids themselves (God’s blessing be upon them), have started to push back and the Gun Cult’s actions are increasingly met with the utter contempt and punishment they deserve.

Some of the parents of Sandy Hook, having endured years of filthy  abuse and lies from the sadistic monster Alex Jones and his mob of mouthbreathing morons, have filed suit for defamation against this creep for promoting his Sandy Hook hoax lies that have made their lives hell.  I hope to God through our Lord Jesus Christ they clean him out of every ill-gotten dollar he has and leave his media empire of lies in the God-damned ruins it deserves to be.  Let not one stone be left standing on another.  Let his name be a scandal and a hissing among the nations.  If he repents, have mercy on him.  But let him never have a media platform again.  He can do his penance cleaning the toilets of his victims.

Then, let them go after the NRA, which has actively aided and abetted that God-damned lie.

Then let all the many other victims of gun violence who have had to endure the slanders and defamation of the Gun Cult freak show likewise sue and utterly destroy their slanderers and defamers and send a message to the world that the limits of free speech are well before monstrous assholes get to egg on a mob of morons to persecute trauma victims.  Stop talking about this sadistic cruelty and lies about victims as though the people profiting from it are “just exercising their free speech rights” and call it what it is: lies and slander heaping heartbreak and sadism on trauma victims to defend a sick cult of death.   Use the full might of the courts and the state to break the economic power of the liars who defend their filthy blood cult by trampling the victims of gun violence with these defaming lies.

I hope the legal profession opens up a spurting aorta of economic blood vengeance from the hearts of the Gun Cult media sadists. Whether on mainstream or social media, I hope a squad of lawyers on behalf of  victims makes damn sure that every asshole on Youtube or Infowars or Fox or talk radio who dares to claim that the kids of Parkland or the victims of Vegas or the parents of Sandy Hook are liars who faked the death of family and friends, or arranged to have their children or friends killed or whatever other filthy bullshit is spoken will be met with swift, pitiless, and ruinous economic devastation.

Sure, forgive the penitent (though they are actually rare in the Gun Cult, since they are too busy pitying themselves).  But punish them all the same, pour encourager les autres.

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