Nice to get mail like this

Nice to get mail like this May 26, 2018

A reader writes:

I have to thank you for pushing me towards embracing Pope Francis, you are the only person that I read regularly that has done that, and I think its been really beneficial to me. I’ve read all of his officially writings including his most recent Gaudete et Exsultate, which has been my favorite. The crazy thing to realize is that there hasn’t been anything to be concerned about in any of the documents, even the “footnote” that everyone talks about, I didn’t even notice it, and in fact much of his writings on marriage come across more conservative than anything with his warnings of gender ideology. The challenges of the gospel aren’t limited to sex, its also a challenge to love the poor, to give more than I want to, to accept the parts of the gospel that at first blush I don’t agree with.

I probably would have written off Pope Francis without your writings, now I’m about to buy some extra copies of Gaudete et Exsultate to give out to friends and family.

Have a great memorial Day!

Yes. He’s a good man and a good Pope and I am grateful to God for his witness during this dark time for the American Church. Thanks be to God for hearts like yours open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit! May your tribe increase!

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