An Invitation to Talk about Healing in My Comboxes

An Invitation to Talk about Healing in My Comboxes August 30, 2018

I did this with my Facebook readers a couple of weeks ago and it was fruitful for them so I wanted to try it here.

I feel moved by the Spirit to ask readers, “What can I do for you that would help in your healing?”

I’ve spent a couple of years banging away at the distinction between the diabolical cult of Christianism vs. the gospel. It’s not a secret that I’m angry about it. And part of the reason I’ve done it is because I know a huge number of readers who have felt alone as Catholics (or just decent humans) and who needed to know they were not alone.

But these past couple of weeks I’ve felt a shift in the wind, partly due to the trauma of the Pennsylvania Report. I know when I’m hurting, I don’t need somebody else’s anger. I want… something else. Consolation. Hope. Love. A little tenderness. Something that reminds me there are really good people in the world. Something that shows me God.

What can I do for you? What can we all do for each other? I can’t promise I can do it because there’s a lot I’m incompetent at. But may just having a chance to talk about what heals and helps you in the comboxes might be a start. Fire away.

Let’s talk about what we love. Who we love. What we need and want to do for each other.

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